Alert Log Check

Supported versions Description Adjustable Settings Schedule
8,9,10,11 Reads and checks for errors in the database alert log.

alert log name - The name of the Oracle alert log.

alert log directory name - The name of the directory object created with the DDL - "create directory".

alert log error text - Defines which strings (errors) the Check must look for. Values must be separated with commas (,).

alert log line HWM - Each time the Check read the alert log, it registers how many rows have been checked. The next time

alert log max lines - If the alert log has more lines than the value of this parameter, then the Check termitates and

alert log max elapsed time - Define the maximum elaps time the Check can execute (values are in seconds). If the execution time reach

alert log error text allowed - Specifies the error strings which are excluded.

Every 10 minutes.