The dbWatch Engine

The first difference.  Instead of using external agents with proprietary code, installed at the operating system level, the dbWatch Engine is an intelligent database schema installed internally in the database instance, containing programmable logic, procedures and routines  for monitoring and data collection  (don’t worry, at around 50 MB they are completely non-intrusive). 

The second difference.  The dbWatch Engines are programmed in the native programming language of each supported database  (PL SQL for Oracle, T-SQL for MS SQL and Sybase, etc).  A language you are familiar with, so you won’t need new training or expensive outside consultants. This also makes the dbWatch Engine truly platform independent  and easy to manage.

The third difference.  The dbWatch Engines code base is fully open . You can read, edit or modify the code exactly the way you like. And most important, you can create your own monitoring procedures and jobs that are fully customized to your work needs or business processes

These features gives you a combination of advantages  that no other database monitoring tool can: