dbWatch for the Part-time DBA


Every guru has a secret helper. 


If you’re like most part-time DBAs, you have several roles and responsibilities  going on at the same time, in surroundings that expect you to be a specialist at all of them. But your role as database administrator  is the most critical and unforgiving  of them all, with no margin for error.

dbWatch  is designed to quickly relieve the pressures you face as a part-time DBA,  with features that secure and automate your database administration routines at the expert level . With dbWatch installed, you’ll be the authority, with documented control and the reports to prove it!


Out-of-the-box monitoring configurations


dbWatch comes pre-installed with a complete set of monitoring alerts and tasks, configured according to best-practices  for each supported database platform.

The standard install includes default thresholds and parameters that you can use out-of-the-box to monitor your critical database components and processes,  leaving you secure in the knowledge that your configuration will stand the test of any inspection.


Ease of Use


dbWatch is designed to be lightweight and easy to use.  With an intuitive and uncomplicated GUI, dbWatch provides a total overview of all your database instances in a single, cross-platform interface.  No fancy graphics or distractions, just the relevant information  you need to get your job done, in a simple and efficient format, when and where you need it.

With dbWatch fully installed in less than 30 minutes,  you’ll be a proficient user, with full control over your databases before lunch. No lengthy classes or outside training sessions.


DBA Assist 


Sooner or later, you’ll be facing a new issue or problem  that you’re unsure how to deal with. With dbWatch, you literally won’t be left alone.

Our developers are senior database administrators,  highly experienced in each of the supported database platforms. As a dbWatch customer, you’ll have access to these experts to help you with the database incidents or problems you’re facing, either through our support forum, by phone or direct email.

With DBA Assist,  you’re one step closer to resolution!


Let them ask. You don't have to tell.