dbWatch for the Professional DBA


Imagine designing and programming your own database monitoring.

Fully customized.  With skills you already have.

On any database. In any scale.



As a professional DBA,  you know exactly how your databases should be monitored.

  At dbWatch, we are convinced that no one is better equipped  to actually configure, program and implement your design.

  This is the single dbWatch feature that will change your work life  more than any other. 

Create, modify and fully customize your own monitoring  procedures exactly how you like, in a programming language you already know.  




 To make this happen, we had to do a few things that nobody has done before:                                                                            

  •  First,  we designed and programmed  our monitoring procedures in the native procedure language  of each supported database.
  •  Second,  we left all our monitoring code fully open  for you to read, change, or modify - any way you like.
  •  Next,  we enabled you to  create your own, fully customized monitoring procedures from scratch.
  •  Lastly,  we created the dbWatch Task Editor . Develop, edit and manage your monitoring alerts, jobs and SQL procedures in an easy to use graphic interface.


Capabilities no other tool can offer the advanced DBA:


With dbWatch you can monitor any database component, any state or any embedded business process  exactly the way you want, limited only by the database programming language itself.

If you can do it in your native procedure language, you can do it with dbWatch!




Why trust anyone else?