dbWatch for the IT Manager


Imagine an investment that leaves you looking forward to a review! 


As IT Manager, you’re always on the lookout for new tools to increase productivity, reduce costs, or improve quality. And your constantly under the financial microscope,  with every investment put to the test. 

To pass that test, the tools you invest in need to be non-disruptive  and integrate easily  with your existing processes and platforms. They should adapt flexibly  to your business processes and be future proof ,  handling whatever may come. At a price  you can approve!

For your database operations ,  dbWatch  is the tool you have been looking for!




Fully Cross Platform    

No matter what your present database strategy is, you never know what the future will bring. That’s why we designed dbWatch to be fully cross platform,  supporting all major database technologies, both open source and commercial.  Whether you’re supporting a one or more database technologies, dbWatch provides a single monitoring framework for all your databases and a common tool for your administrators.




dbWatch is designed for easy and seamless integration with your existing management platforms and processes, including out-of-the-box extensions  for IBM Tivoli, HP Operations Manager, Nagios, CA Nimsoft, and Quest Big Brother.

Integration support for other common management platforms is included at no additional cost.

By fully integrating dbWatch, you’ll be providing highly useful and relevant database monitoring information and reporting capabilities to whoever needs it, increasing the returns on your existing systems management tools well beyond the marginal investment cost of dbWatch.


Customization and flexibility 


Customization  is the single dbWatch feature that will benefit you directly more than any other. With dbWatch you can fully customize your database monitoring procedures and alerts  like no other tool allows. With a working knowledge of the native SQL procedure language, you can program dbWatch to monitor any database process,  customized exactly to your company’s business processes and priorities. Apply this to the built-in dbReport Manager, and you have an extremely powerful reporting engine for creating fully customized business and IT reports.


Low Cost & Maintenance


dbWatch will be one of the most profitable investments you make.  Without the overhead and cost-base of large software companies, we can keep our license fees at a sensible level. In addition, the lightweight dbWatch architecture has negligible operating costs, requiring no new investments in hardware, database middleware or repository software .

dbWatch installs in less than 30 minutes and your staff will have best practices monitoring , fully implemented on all your databases within the day.



The numbers have never added up so well!