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Starter Pack - Business Edition - Enterprise Edition - Site Unlimited

Corporate Customers

The dbWatch Corporate Editions  are for corporate database environments of all sizes. From the Starter Pack  for smaller environments, to the Site Unlimited  for extremely large database environments. dbWatch is licensed simply by the modules used and the number of database instances to be monitored. 

No user count. No server count. No CPU count.  No hassle!

Request a quote Service Providers

Starter Pack - Business Edition - Enterprise Edition - Global Unlimited

Service Providers

For IT Service Providers, Outsourcers, and consultancies. dbWatch for Service Providers  is licensed on a pay-as-you-grow  basis. Seamlessly match costs with revenues  on a quarterly basis.

Unlimited users. Unlimited Servers. Unlimited CPUs.  Unlimited Flexibility!

dbWatch Software Licensing

How is dbWatch licensed?

dbWatch is licensed by the modules used and the total number of database server instances monitored across all platforms. All license editions include unlimited users and server installations. The initial license fee is supplemented by an annual subscription fee for software maintenance and support.

Software maintenance includes all update levels - patch level, minor and major releases. dbWatch user support is open 24/7 and accessed by email or telephone. See the dbWatch End User License Agreement for details.