dbWatch Architecture

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You  know what information you  need to do your  job. 


One single idea. An idea that led to the unique dbWatch architecture.

dbWatch lets you design and program your own monitoring and administration procedures,  exactly according to your needs. 

With dbWatch you can get inside your database  and access the most relevant and useful database  information possible.



Read on and see how our unique architecture makes all this possible.

dbWatch Engine
Monitoring Framework

dbWatch uses lightweight probes, called dbWatch Engines,   to monitor each database instance. The Engine serves as a framework for the monitoring procedures you choose to apply.

Alerts and Tasks

Two types of monitoring procedures are executed:

  • dbWatch  Alerts  for real-time management
  • dbWatch  Tasks  for trend analysis and reporting

Each Engine is populated with its own set of Alerts and Tasks.

Individual Configurations

Deploy the default settings, modify each engine  according  to your own requirements, or create your own fully customized Alerts and Tasks.  Learn how dbWatch makes this possible! 

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dbWatch Server
Control & Configure

The dbWatch Server is the nerve centre of the dbWatch platform. dbWatch Server connects and manages all dbWatch Engines:

Scheduling & Administration
  • Configure and schedule alerts and tasks
  • Alert Messaging – SMS, email, 3rd Party Tools
  • User administration
Reporting & Administration
  • Reporting – configure, create, generate and distribute reports

Read on for a detailed description!

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dbWatch Client

The dbWatch Client provides the graphical user interface for the dbWatch user, with a highly intuitive and easy to use structure. 

The client provides a full overview of all of the monitored databases in a single common interface.

Click to check out the dbWatch client now in our live database sandbox environment!

3rd Party Integration
dbWatch Extensions

With a tool as specialized as dbWatch, we knew that integration with 3rd party systems management tools would be important to our customers. That’s why we designed dbWatch Extensions for easy and seamless integration with your existing systems management platform and processes. 

Out-of-the-box Extensions

dbWatch comes preinstalled with easy-to-deploy integration extensions for the following systems management platforms:

  • Microsoft SCOM
  • HP Operations Manager
  • IBM Tivoli Framework
  • CA Nimsoft
  • Quest Big Brother
  • Nagios
  • WhatsUp Gold
Custom Extensions

If you're using systems management tools not currently supported by our out-of-the-box Extensions, don’t worry. Our team will develop dbWatch Extensions and full integration support for your existing tools at no additional cost.

Technical Requirements
dbWatch Server
  • Windows or Linux Server (VMWare virtual server supported)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 GB HD Space
  • Installs in under 15 minutes
dbWatch Engine
  • 100 Mb free space on each database instance
  • Engine - Server communication determined by each supported database platform. 
  • Bulk install for large database environments
  • Administrator password required for each engine installation
  • Installs in under 2 minutes per instance
dbWatch Client
  • Windows or Linux operating system for use with graphical interface
  • 500 Mb hard drive space
  • Mouse
  • Java support
  • Client - Server communication requires single port only
  • Client installs automatically during Server installation