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Is your team supporting multiple database platforms?  

If you're a process manager or a DBA managing multiple platforms, you'll want to know what your tools can do across database platforms.

The following tables provide an easy to read overview  of dbWatch's monitoring alerts, procedures and jobs, grouped according to your database management processes.

Go to the relevant database management tab  to review the pre-installed features in each dbWatch Module. Be sure to check out our unique SQL Worksheet  and the dbReport Manager!



Click each procedure name for more details and example drill-down reports.    


In-house Monitoring Procedures
The Challenge

How many times have you wanted to monitor a database component, or an embedded business process or variable that existing tools didn't let you do? You have the choice of writing your own scripts or paying for expensive outside consultants to customize your existing tools.

Customized Monitoring

With dbWatch you have a new choice. You can actually design and develop your own monitoring procedures and jobs, fully customized to your needs and requirements. And best of all, you do this in the familiar native SQL programming language of the database platform your working with.  

The dbWatch Difference

You can finally monitor your database procedures and processes exactly the way you want to. You are limitied only by the native SQL and your own creativity! No outside training necessary and no expensive consultants.  

Application Monitoring
Application Monitoring


The unique dbWatch architecture allows you to develop your own

in-house Application Monitoring  for your mission-critical business applications, fully customized  to mirror your company's unique processes, policies and business logic. 


No outside consultants required.

No additional software or training needed.


dbWatch presently has out-of-the-box monitoring  for the Unit4 Agresso ERP solution.        




Click to download an example Agresso Report  on Oracle:

Agresso Health Check


Check out our alerts for Unit4 Agresso  running on Oracle:




Click to download example Agresso Reports  on MS SQL Server:

Agresso Health Check

Agresso Status Report


Check out our alerts for Unit4 Agresso  running on SQL Server: