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We've made it easy for you to see exactly what you get with dbWatch.

The tables below provide an easy-to-read overview of our pre-installed features for each database platform. 
Go to the database tab  to see the monitoring alerts, jobs and procedures for your preferred database platforms.  


Click each procedure name for more details and example drill-down reports.

Custom-buillt Monitoring

dbWatch is the only available tool that lets you create and program  your own fully customized SQL Server monitoring procedures.

Monitor and control any SQL statements  or in-house business processes.  Complete "do it yourself" development framework.

Go to  Custom-built monitoring  to find out how.

SQL Worksheet

Overcome the pain of manual routines of large database environments.  

Execute commands, or query  all your databases simultaneously  with the integrated, fully cross-platform SQL Worksheet tool.

See SQL Worksheet  for more information.  

dbReport Manager

Create powerful SQL Server reports  using dbReport Manager .

Common reporting interface  for all supported database platforms.

See dbReport Manager  for more information.