dbWatch 10.1 released to market

We are proud to announce the release of dbWatch 10.1 for Windows and Linux. We have added new features and functionality based on valuable input from conversations with our customers and database administrator user groups.

dbWatch Administration module

Now dbWatch also provides a cross platform administration interface that allows for custom interface specifications and end user modifications.

Active directory integration and improved security

dbWatch now integrates with Microsoft Active Directory for user authentication and privileges. This is part of a large scale upgrade in security and privilege separation in dbWatch 10

Online updates

Automatic and online updates are now possible in dbWatch. We support two update tracks, stable for updating important security and functionality bugs, and unstable for cutting edge features and new development.

Support for MS SQL Server 2012 and PostgreSQL 9.2

dbWatch always aims to support all new platform versions along with the old versions of the platforms we support. New in dbWatch 10.1 is support for MS SQL Server 2012 and PostgreSQL 9.2.

Database autodiscover

Database autodiscover allows you to scan for databases in your network range, and add them in an easy way to dbWatch. Great for finding the databases you didn't know you even had.

Improved logging support

dbWatch now supports logging to eventlog on Windows and syslog on Linux.

New and improved extensions for 3rd party products

Out-of-the-box dbWatch integration for SNMPv1, SNMPv3 and Microsoft SCOM. Much improved email and sms integration.

Wiki based documentation

Documentation for dbWatch is now available online as a wikipedia based page. We continuously update the site to provide our customer with their documentation needs. Check it out here.