Founded in 2001, dbWatch  is dedicated to developing the best possible, user-centric database monitoring and administration tools for professional and part-time DBAs everywhere. We are driven by a common belief that software tools for DBAs can be functionally excellent and useful, without being over-priced.  

Since the beginning, we've combined our strict customer-driven development methodology with our in-house DBA expertise to bring you the features and functionality you need as a DBA.

Our core development group consists of two teams:

- dbWatch Engine team  - highly experienced DBA's, specialized in each of our supported database platforms.

- Server & Client team  - senior Java programmers responsible for developing the dbWatch server and client application.




dbWatch is based in Oslo, the capital city of Norway.





dbWatch  is a privately held, non-listed company, registered in the Norwegian Register Centre under company number 991 500 456.